Why Tollfreeswap LP Farming Is Profitable

In every 15 seconds, 0.04 Toll is created,
This means in every hour, 9.6 to is created
If the price of one TOLL is equal to that of ETH, at the current rate of publishing this, it will be $3,600.

Which will be $34,560 every hour. That means every 24 hours, $829,440 is been created and distributed to all liquidity providers within the pool.

*Assuming we have one person in the pool, the person takes 9.6 TOLL which is $24,960 per /hour

*Assuming we have 100 persons in the pool with varying stakes; if the varying stakes of 99 persons within the pool amount to $1,000 and your stake in the pool are also $1,000, it means you get 4.8 TOLL of the total TOLL minted per/H (9.6)

If the price of 1 TOLL grows more than $3,600, your reward per 15 seconds will also increase.

In summary, the higher your stake in the pool the higher the TOLL you earn in seconds, minutes, hours, and so on.

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