The Tollfreeswap Proposal

Tollfreeswap provides fee refunds via proxies. The proxy contracts are contracts that wrap around a DAPP and in order to determine the number of fees the transaction consumes. The proxy then requests the Governor contract (That has minting rights ) to mint the fees. In order for the governor to accept calls from a proxy contract, The contract must be executed through the governance system.

Proposal Pre-requisites

To create a proposal, the proxy contract must be created and verified at Etherscan. The creator must also create a medium article describing the nature of the request and have the source code in a GitHub repository. This allows everyone to see what the contract does and delegate votes to the proposer for the proposal. The proposer must then collect enough delegates to succeed.

Unlike full Governance systems, the executed proposal only authorizes the governor to mint fees for transactions proxied in the proxy contract, At the time of submission, it advised that the proposer have enough delegates to win the vote before they submit, this is because once the proposal is submitted, voting only lasts within 60 Blocks that is about 15 minutes. To succeed the proposer must get 1% of TOLL votes delegated to him and his voters.

Once submitted and voted on, the proposal should be live within 20 -30 minutes.