The TOLL Mercury Staking Pool

2 min readJul 19, 2021


Toll Staking is a simple mechanism that rewards the community for simply locking up their TOLL in the staking pool. Learn How To Stake

Stakers affects the protocol in 2 different ways;

  1. Increase Total Value Locked — This drains and locks TOLL out of the market.

2. Increase in price value. — This affects price and TOLL value positively as there are lesser in the market due to high demand.


The TOLL daily distribution effect.

Each day, a certain amount of TOLL is distributed to stakes in the pool. The reward is distributed according to inflow and outflow of TOLL within the pool and also the TVL. The higher the TVL and inflow into the Pool, the higher the reward that gets distributed.

The higher the stakes in the pool, the higher the TOLL value and the lesser the inflow and outflow percentage that is distributed within the

The second dependent is in the Energy of Stake by each staker. The higher your TOLL energy in the pool, the higher your daily reward when distribution takes place.

Additionally, when a new stake joins the pool, he is charged 3% which is distributed to everyone within the pool, according to the level of their staking energy and when someone exits the pool, there is also a 5% exit fee which is distributed to all within the pool according to their staking energy.






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