How To Stake On Tollfreeswap Using Trustwallet

1# Go to the android play store and install “TRUST WALLET”.

2# Create an account, copy and save your “secret phrase” secretly.

3# Fund your Trust wallet with Ethereum by doing the following
a) Click on receive icon inside your wallet
b) Select Ethereum
c) Copy your address
d) Send the Address you copied to someone that will help you get Ethereum to found or credit your wallet.
e) Pay the person the equivalent amount of Ethereum you want to get in your local currency.

4# After you have funded your Trust wallet account do the following
a) From your wallet look for the DAapps icon at the bottom and click on it.
b) Copy your referral link and paste on the browser or type tap on it and click send or submit.
c) You will see the option to connect to your wallet, connect to your TRUST WALLET. If you did not see the trust wallet, keep on refreshing or reloading, it will definitely come up for you to select the wallet (TRUST WALLET) and connect to your wallet.
d) Follow the instructions that will be popping up to enable you to connect your wallet to Tollfreeswap.

5# Once you are connected to tollfreeswap via your wallet, wait for a moment, say 30–60 seconds then click on the menu icon with 3 lines at the bottom right. A sidebar menu will pop up, click on the “swap” button and convert your Ethereum to Toll as follows:
a) Click on the import button that will pop up.
b) Click on the “Select token” and select ethereum.
c) Besides the token Ethereum, where you have 0.0 enter the amount of the ETH you want to convert to Toll. (if this is your first time visiting uniswap, you will need to connect to your wallet).
d) Click on swap and approve the transaction. After successfully swapping your Ethereum to Toll, your Toll balance will be updated.

6# Go back to your Tollfreeswap dashboard and do the following:

a) Click on the bottom right menu icon with 3 lines to open your sidebar menu.
b) Click on “TOLL STAKING”.
c) Enter the amount you want to stake.
d) Click on approve (if this is your first time) then confirm.
e) After successful confirmation, click on the stake button and confirm again.
f) Then your stake will reflect in your staking balance and you will start earning.
g) If you encounter any error, simply reload your wallet and check your balance.

7# If you wish to take your fund or money back any time do the following:
a) Click on unstake button
b) Go back to uniswap and swap your TOLL back to Ethereum
c) Sell your Ethereum and get your local currency back through exchangers.

8# To withdraw rewards do the following:
a) Click on Reward.
b) Go back to uniswap and swap your TOLL back to Ethereum
c) Sell your Ethereum and get your local currency back through exchangers.

TollFreeSwap is a new cutting-edge decentralized fee refund exchange for swapping erc20 tokens.