How To Reclaim Gas Fees

Tollfreeswap gives everyone opportunity to reclaim all their gas fees. Simply follow your below steps to understand how you can reclaim your gas fees.

Step 1:

Simply visit connect your wallet and you will be redirected to the dApp pages.

Step 2:

Click on claim (you will see reclaimable amount in TOLL) it represents the total of ETH you’ve spent as gas fees.

Step 3:

On this reclaim page, you will see your total balance. Simply click on the button “Approve claim” and you will be redirected to your wallet, simply approve it and you will be redirected back to the reclaim dApp and the Reclaim button will. appear, click on it and confirm.

Step 4:

After successful confirmation, you will see the reclaimed amount already added into your balance and the Withdraw button will be available. You will be claiming your TOLL gradually and daily for a period of 120 days.


The TOLL reclaim feature have an affiliate where you earn 20% of any amount reclaimed by your down line. Simply copy your referral link and begin to invite others to reclaim their gas fees.






TollFreeSwap is a new cutting-edge decentralized fee refund exchange for swapping erc20 tokens.