How To Join TOLL Staking

Toll Staking is a simple mechanism that rewards the community for simply locking up their TOLL in the staking pool. You get rewarded through the following ways;

> When people join the staking pool.

> When people exit the staking pool.

> tHolders reward distribution.

> TOLL value appreciation.

Step 1:

Visit If you are using a mobile phone, click on the 3 dash line circled in red.

Step 2:

From the pop-up, click on the “connect dApp” button and connect your wallet. You will be taken to the dApps pages.

Step 3:

From the dApp pages click on the 3 dash lines at the button right.

Step 4:

You will see a pop-up page, click on “Toll Staking”

Step 5:

You will be taking to the Toll staking page. Click on the stake button, enter the amount of TOLL you want to stake, (if you don’t have TOLL, simply go here to buy TOLL) then click on the Approve button, you will be redirected to your metamask to confirm and returned back to your staking dApp. Then click on Stake, and still confirm in your wallet.

Step 6:

Immediately it is successful, your staked amount will reflect in your stake balance.

Remember, 3% of the total amount you staked will be debited and shared with everyone in the pool.


> We recommend the use of metamask for efficiency.

> You will be charged 3% of the total amount you staked and 5% of the total amount you unstaked and will be distributed to those in the staking pool according to any amount you have staked in the pool.

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