How To Farm On Tollfreeswap

Follow the below steps to farm and start earning Toll every 15 seconds from the pool.

Visit to connect your wallet. Make sure you open the website in your wallet in-built browser, click on the 3 dashed line (if you are accessing through your mobile phone). Learn how to open a website on Trustwallet and metamask. And connect your wallet.

Once you have connected your wallet and linked it to Tollfreeswap, you will be redirected to the dApps or dashboard. Then click on the 3 dash line at the button right and select or click on the farm button

Step 3:
Simply tap on any pool you want to join, you will see the pop with the join pool button. Then you will see a pop where you will enter the amount of ETH you want to join and click on OK. (If this is your first time, you will need to approve, then come back and click on OK)

Step 4:
You will be redirected to your wallet where you will confirm and return to your dApp page. After successful confirmation, You will start earning from the pool automatically, every 15 seconds, alongside the loan you get.

Step 5:
To harvest your reward simply tap on the pool you are currently mining, click on details, then click on the harvest.

You will see a pop-up, then click on Ok.
You will be redirected to your wallet to confirm.
After successful. Your TOLL will be reflected in your wallet. Good luck.

Then to swap from TOLL to ETH or any other token, from your dApp, simply click on the swap, and trade your TOLL.



TollFreeSwap is a new cutting-edge decentralized fee refund exchange for swapping erc20 tokens.