How To Reclaim Gas Fees

Tollfreeswap gives everyone opportunity to reclaim all their gas fees. Simply follow your below steps to understand how you can reclaim your gas fees.

Step 1:

Simply visit connect your wallet and you will be redirected to the dApp pages.

Toll Staking is a simple mechanism that rewards the community for simply locking up their TOLL in the staking pool. You get rewarded through the following ways;

> When people join the staking pool.

> When people exit the staking pool.

> tHolders reward distribution.

> TOLL value appreciation.

Step 1:


Follow the below steps to farm and start earning Toll every 15 seconds from the pool.

Visit to connect your wallet. Make sure you open the website in your wallet in-built browser, click on the 3 dashed line (if you are accessing through your mobile phone). Learn how to…

Introducing Loan and Liquidity Pool Farming for TOLL.

In general, liquidity mining or yield farming simply means generating rewards by holding a certain amount or some cryptocurrencies. This simply means you lock up cryptocurrency for a certain period of time while getting a reward.

The liquidity providers are users who…

Tollfreeswap provides fee refunds via proxies. The proxy contracts are contracts that wrap around a DAPP and in order to determine the number of fees the transaction consumes. The proxy then requests the Governor contract (That has minting rights ) to mint the fees. …


TollFreeSwap is a new cutting-edge decentralized fee refund exchange for swapping erc20 tokens.

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